Programs We Have Donated To In Recent Years

Below is a list of programs we have donated to in recent years: MDA summer camp School District 143, Midlothian kids camps Veteran Tickets Foundation Miracle League AZ Fans Across America – tickets and toys Banner Thunderbird Child Life Arcuet Foundation Scott Foundation toy boxes Gabriel Angels Hilton Haunted House Bicycles for Kids AZCEND Christmas... Read More

Child Care Center – Diamondback Tickets

We sent 15 kids from the child crisis center to a Diamondback game !!!! A couple quotes from the kids who attended the game.   “I enjoyed trying to catch the baseballs when they got close to us” “It was really cool watching the scores change on the big board” “I liked EVERYTHING” “I liked... Read More

Liberty School in Chicago

Lindsey Lurie is a teacher at the Liberty School in Chicago. Many kids needed jackets, gloves, hats, and scarves, not just toys. The Maag Toy Foundation was able to help with that too.

Global Family Rescue

Al – Hope your holidays are going well. I just wanted to thank you again for your generosity. I  attached a picture of the type of kids that will start school in January because of your blessing. I will get you pictures of the actual children later in the year. You probably received your receipt... Read More